Friday, May 9, 2008

Slowdown/Filibuster Begins

(NOTE: As I get more segments produced I will upload them to this thread. Please scroll all the way to the bottom of this thread each time you visit to see if there is anything new.)

Members of the Alabama House are upset that the Senate has once again prevented anything meaningful from being accomplished in this 2008 session, so they employ the philosophy of "They started it" and begin a "If you can't beat'em, join'em" filibuster. Like that's helpful or something....If my kids acted like that I be liable to grab me a hickory switch and go to town tanning some hides.

Rep. Laura Hall of Madison claims she heard her bills were not being brought up in the Senate simply because they are her bills. Promises retribution and retaliation sometime before the quadrennium is over if this is proven true.

Rep. Joseph Mitchell pontificates on pro-active thought vs. reactive thought.

Rep. Mike Ball discussed pro-cop, anti-immigrant bills he wants passed.

Speaker asks Rep. McClendon what kind of Dr. he is. (A lighter moment)

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