Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lost the House Feed

The power went out here a few minutes ago and every since then I have been unable to bring up the House Audio website. Not missing much because right now they are talking about the Gill Net fishing bill....which is DULL. I'm talking ZZZzzzzzzzz.

By tomorrow I'll have all that I captured today broken down into sections based on topic and will upload them here.

This blog also got a very nice plug from Tim Lennox host of APTV's For the Record


JG said...


I see where you are said you were using Audacity to record the sessions but it sounds like you're using a microphone to do so.

Did you know you may be able to change the setting in Audacity to record without the mic? Look at the drop down menu that is probably set on Analog Mix (Line/CD) and see if you don't have one that is "What you hear". If you do, switch to that and you won't have to use a mic at all, it records what's coming out of your speakers.

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks jg. I figured that part out last night and will be able to record without the background noise from now on. Another blogger also turned me on to Silent Bob recording software and I'll be giving that a try today.