Thursday, May 22, 2008

Go Cam Ward!!

Rep. Cam Ward gives an impassioned speech about his bill that would create the Alabama Autism Council during the filibuster. I love a moving speech that you can tell is from the heart and not from memorized, politicized meaningless words. Knowing that Cam's daughter has autism...well I almost cried when his voice began to crack a little bit during this speech.

Powerful stuff!

In my opinion Cam is one of the incredibly few 'white hat' legislators we have in Alabama. I hope he serves for a long time to come.


Lisa Harris, Executive Director said...

I had a chance to work with Rep. Ward when my organization, Scenic Alabama, was supporting his Transportation Commission bill. I was really impressed with his commitment to public service and his responsiveness.

Loretta Nall said...

He never fails to respond to me. No matter what the issue he always takes the time to answer my questions and tell me his thoughts. He is also very good about explaining how things work in the house....something common folks like me don't always understand. And he isn't even my Rep. I wish he was.

I am most appreciative of him.